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M-Passes and Loans
July 1st, 2023 by Alex Mills

Hey everyone,

We’ve added more features to BANKWAVE: Neon Networth. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the game.


The M-Pass is a device designed by Multiverse Mutual to speed up banking transactions after their market research demonstrated that not everyone who walks into a Multiverse Mutual branch really wants to interact with a bank teller. Multiverse Mututal marketing describes it this way:

With M-Pass, there’s no need to stop your phone call to speak to a teller!
Just place your device on the counter and let us handle the rest.
M-Pass from Multiverse Mututal.
Multiverse Mutual.
We’re here for you.

See it in action in our DevTok below; or check it out on TikTok.

Loans and Credit Checks

We also strated adding loans and credit checks into the game. Customers can apply for loans or for an M-Pass. The player has to process each loan by performing a credit check. Sometimes, the automated credit check will fail, and the player will need to make a decision on their own.

A customer turning in a request for an M-Pass loan.

Not all loans will be filled in correctly, the player will need to keep a vigilant eye and not be overwhelmed. Too much stress can make this challenging.

Not all loans will be filled out correctly.

QoL Improvements

Now that the game is starting to take more shape, we’re going to spend some time over the next week adjusting the user experience and performing a few quality of life updates; including the right way to introduce the game mechanics to the player.

Thanks for taking a look at our progress over the past week! We’re really looking forward to sharing more updates with you as things evolve.

Keep being awesome!

The Dev Team