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September 20, 2023 by DevTeam

Fact Sheet


BANKWAVE: Neon Networth is a narrative document simulator with escape-room elements set in a dystopian, cyberpunk world. The player is a cloned VatBorn™ teller, forced to work as a customer service representative at a megacorp headquartered in the heart of an infinite multiverse. In BANKWAVE, the player deals with wave upon wave of customers. Some customers are just trying to finish their transactions, while others are part of a branching narrative. Choose carefully, and the friends you make could help you escape the clutches of your tyrannical boss.

BANKWAVE is being featured at Steam NextFest October 9-16, 2023.


How to Play:

  • Learn your job with minimal training and delayed feedback 🎉.
  • Complete transactions without letting any paperwork mistakes slip past ✅.
  • Balance your wallet against your stress levels and the amount of time left on break ⏰.
  • Interact with quirky customers using sardonic dialogue options 🙄.
  • Point-and-click your way to an escape from the break room 🛠.


BANKWAVE was prototyped during Ludum Dare 53 where it placed among the top 3% entries for music; and the top 5% in art. Encouraged by this response, we added virtual escape room mechanics, narrative characters, and multiple endings. We see BANKWAVE as a branching narrative told from the perspective of a lowly bank teller.



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Company Story

Frabjous Studios was formed in April 2023 by a Computer Science Ph.D with a love for videogames. We’re a small studio focused on narrative pixel art experiences which delight our audience through a sense of exploration.